My name is Klaudia and I live and create in Suchy Las near Poznań, Poland.
I’ve been making things since I was a child. I pretty soon realised that fabric is the best medium for my creativity. I’ve never had any formal training in sewing. I’ve been simply playing with fabrics, adding scraps, threads, beads and whatever I found useful. I use natural materials like silk, linen, wool, and feathers, some of which are recycled, some new. I’ve collected a respectable bundle!
I like the feeling when I can eventually see in person what was earlier just a blurred idea in my head. Being a visual person I constantly scan the images in my head and compare them with what I see. As for an art history graduate you can imagine there’s a repository in there…

Although there are many talented artists nowadays and many opportunities for creativity, I’m still fascinated and inspired by the old masters like Peter Brueghel, Carravaggio, Vermeer van Delf or Francisco Goya. I like the colours they used, the costumes they painted, everyday objects they depicted.
My inspiration comes not only from art history but also from nature, fashion, real life. Sometimes, I just look at the fabric and it speaks for itself…

Controversial as it may be, my father was a hunter and I recall the trophies on the wall, which inspired me to make a series of textile deer heads (with no animal harm involved). I also like observing animals and watching albums with pictures and drawings of them. Common flies with their shiny bodies hovering around in my room or climbing the walls inspired me to make flies of different colours and personalities, and I gave them some human touch. They even have their own Facebook page (in Polish):  Fly in the ointment.
Many other ideas are waiting to come to life one day…

My favourite animal is a rabbit (“lapin“ in French), thus the name of my brand.
Welcome to my world!



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